Dante Nardo

Cloud Platform

When I joined Biosero I was the only full-time engineer working on their new cloud platform. This SAAS platform allows employees and customers to manage subscriptions, track licenses, and access software packages. It also serves as a base for all future cloud apps for the entire organization.

Package Manager

Implemented Package Manager application to provide Biotech customers with our proprietary software and thousands of drivers to integrate it with their hardware. Customers and team members can easily track each version, its metadata, and even attach supporting files such as README.txt files.

A web app that shows a packages table and controls to sort and find packages.
A public app for finding and downloading licensed drivers, plugins, and documentation

Technical Details

  • Web apps built with Blazor, JavaScript, and Tailwind CSS
  • REST API Gateways built using ASP.NET Core
  • Microservices built using gRPC and ASP.NET Core
  • Distributed, multi-tenant data stored using Event Sourcing pattern in Cosmos DB an Azure NoSQL solution
  • Infrastructure deployed to Azure with Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker and GitHub CI/CD