Dante Nardo


This website acts as my online web presence, work portfolio, and resume. With great SEO, accessibility, and performance, hiring managers can quickly find all of my projects and work experience.

Interactive Resume

Clicking on any piece of my resume will take users to a detailed page on this site. And with supported browsers, I can navigate to the resume page and use browser print controls to create the PDF I use to apply for jobs. Any time I want to update my resume, I only need to update this site on GitHub and CI/CD takes care of the rest.

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Perfect Score

PageSpeed Insights is a tool provided by Google to measure your website’s performance, accessibility, and SEO. My portfolio scores a perfect score on every single page, even with animations, high resolution images, and client-side canvas graphics.

This image depicts a perfect PageSpeed insights score.

Technical Details

  • Website built using Astro for maximum performance
  • Interactive components built with React, TypeScript, and Tailwind CSS
  • Pages made with MDX to support Markdown and React components
  • Motion graphics built with React and Canvas to delight users
  • Deployed to Vercel via GitHub CI/CD


Front end astro website